love trumps hate (always).

     This image is a good reminder during the holiday season and amidst everything that has happened and keeps happening in the world lately. I am angry. Only a few people would know, because except for my relatives and close friends who get a front seat at my revolts, too often i may come out as silent or shy. I am not shy. Give me a stage or an audience and i will be the loudest, most obnoxious voice in the room.

Within the walls of my classroom i get to participate in shaping the minds of young children; and all jokes and funny posts aside, that is a responsability i do not take lightly. I teach them how to read and how to write and how to be kind and always look out for each other; i teach them about justice and about the world so that they can learn about foreign places and other humans with open minds and open hearts. 

And it works.

I get to say that because we recently welcomed a new student who had to flee persecution in his country; and here he is, showered with love and attention by his new little friends and so at ease it's like he has always belonged with us. 

So let's be angry and loud and obnoxious. Get uncomfortable and take the conversation to your friends and loved ones. I do not believe neutrality is a sustainable option anymore. Here i do not have a lot of power or influence, but still i have a voice, and i can speak up - so can you. 

Happy holidays, friends.
Stay cosy, stay engaged. 


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